Performance Guarantee

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Proof That Your Ad Dollars Work In THE WEEK

THE WEEK’s unequaled 83/17 edit-to-ad ratio provides advertisers with maximum exposure and visibility, as well as a highly engaged audience that will notice and respond to your advertising.

THE WEEK is the only magazine that guarantees your advertising investment with the first-of-its-kind Performance Guarantee.

Performance Guarantee

“THE WEEK is willing to prove its worth” Ad Age

We Guarantee Your Investment in THE WEEK – Take the Risk Out of Your Media Decision.

THE WEEK will rank in the TOP 1/3 of all magazines on your media plan for Noted Score – We GUARANTEE It! It’s that simple.

THE WEEK makes it easier than ever to be the FIRST magazine on your plan by being the ONLY magazine that guarantees results. Your average noted score in THE WEEK will rank in the Top 1/3 of all magazines on your plan or we will run bonus insertions until it does.

So if executives, thought-leaders or affluent consumers are your target, THE WEEK is guaranteed to be one of your top performing publications. Your ad’s impact and your marketing investment are guaranteed.

Reader Engagement

Drives Action
Ad Noted
 Actions Taken A Must
THE WEEK 59% 61% 60%
The New Yorker 54% 58% 51%
Time 50% 50% 47%
The Economist 53% 57% 32%
Fortune 51% 61% 30%
The Atlantic 47% 60% 35%
Forbes 49% 57% 30%

Source: 2013 GFK MRI Starch