The Investor

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Designed for the Savvy Investor

THE WEEK attracts America’s busiest, and most elusive, affluent elite. THE WEEK readers actively manage their finances and diversified portfolios to fit their individual financial needs.

The Financial Planner

  • Average Net Worth $1,605,500
  • HHI $250,000+ and Liquid Assets $1 million+                                      15%

Top 5 Types of Investments/Assets Owned

  • Any securities 90%
  • Securities valued at $150,000+ 55%
  • Money market fund 47%
  • U.S. Government Bonds 33%
  • Corporate stocks in other companies 53%

Highly Engaged Readers

THE WEEK also delivers a highly engaged audience that will recall your ad in the magazine.

  • Average ad noted score 59%
  • Read 4 out of 4 issues 37%

The Right Environment

THE WEEK features “Business” edit in every issue

Source: Ipsos Affluent Study 2013; 2013 GFK MRI Starch