The Auto Enthusiast

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Designed for the Auto Enthusiast

Readers of THE WEEK are avid automotive consumers—discerning in their choices and passionate about their vehicle preferences. Recognized by their peers as knowledgeable, they have influence and the potential to generate purchase consideration for your brand.

Auto Overview

  • Own imported vehicles 70%
  • Own domestic vehicles 58%
  • Will seriously consider a hybrid or other alternative vehicle
    for their next auto purchase/lease 47%
  • Feel that the vehicle a person drives says a lot about who they are 53%
  • HH owns 3+ cars 30%

Purchase Influence

Readers agree…

  • “I look forward to technology advances in new vehicles” 68%
  • “When I find a vehicle I like, I recommend it to others” 65%
  • “People look to me for advice on automobiles” 29%

The Right Environment

  • THE WEEK runs a “New Cars” feature in at least three issues each month
Source: 2012 MMR, MRI Fall 2012 (THE WEEK is a prototype)